Nov 26 2020

Friends with (health) benefits

Our pets improve our health. Not only do pets give us companionship and unconditional love, they also play a key role in the quality of our life. Research suggest that you will feel better and healthier if you have a pet within your home.

Healthier lifestyle 

Having a pet can give your activity levels a boost too. Doing frequent trips outside, playing with each other, walks around the house. Dog owners are more likely to meet the recommended levels of physical activity than those who don't have a dog. And, exercising with your pet is free, unlike gym memberships! :)

Emotional Support 

Pets provide love and they’re always there for you. There is a bond and companionship that makes a big difference in mental health. They make us feel important and loved and they help against loneliness. Especially in times of change or loss, a pet can be of great help. Pets are your best friends that don't judge you and don’t care what you look like or how you behave. Some pets also provide a sense of security, such as a dog. Because of all these effects, pets act as a form of mental support.

Boost social Life 

Your pet can be an outstanding icebreaker. Owning a pet not only gives you a boost in confidence but makes you friendlier and more approachable. It's a great way to connect with others. Just taking your dog for a walk in the park can often contribute to a chat with another dog owner or react to someone stopping to admire your furry friend. 

Happier Feelings 

How can those cute little munchkins not make you smile? Spending time with our pets makes us happy and bring us joy. The powerful neurochemical, oxytocin, is released when we look at our companion animal, which brings feelings of joy. It’s also accompanied by a decrease in cortisol, a stress hormone. This is why animals, especially dogs, often become part of a therapy program. 

Learn About Responsability

Owning a pet brings some responsibilities. They help us prepare for life by adding a regular routine and responsibility to our daily life. For pet owners that have children, it’s a great way to help to train them early on the importance of being dependable and reliable. Being responsible for the welfare of another being will help to provide compassion, understanding and a sense of maturity. 

So don't forget to improve your pets life, like they improve yours!

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