Pet's improve our lives, so let's improve theirs too.

Pino began for me as a frustration against the pet products industry. Because I love animals, I became upset at the sight of the many mass produced and low quality products products made for pets.
This is not only unhealthy for our pets, it is also harmful to our planet. That's why I decided to create Pino, a brand for the caring pet lover.

Our four-legged friends make our lives better every day. Their companionship and unconditionality is invaluable! Therefore, we must give them back what they deserve. Our handcrafted pet bowls are made with durable materials and a smart design, with care for our pets and the(i)r planet. Pino wants to improve the lives of our furry friends and give them a healthy and beautiful future.

Our values

Let's support animals!

The love we receive from animals is invaluable! Giving something back to them is important to us. With every purchase you made, we proudly donate 10% of our profits to charities that support animal welfare.

Come - sit - stay - with us!

We'll send you only cool vibes! Product updates, fun animal facts, cute puppies or kittens, . . Who doesn't like to receive this in their mailbox? 👀