Sniff out Pino's booth @ Interzoo 2024

PINO, the Belgian niche player for bowls, is back at Interzoo!


Tuesday, May 7 - Friday, May 10, 2024

From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany

Hall 5, Booth number 5-119

Location of Pino Pets at Interzoo 2024 located with a pin on floor plan

Why attend us at Interzoo?

From experience, we know that pet owners increasingly prioritize a healthy lifestyle for their cats and dogs. Discover how our bowls, in addition to your nutritional guidance, can contribute to a comfortable and healthy meal for your (four-legged) customers.

Image of the Pino Pets team at the Interzoo stand.  With the Interzoo 2024 logo and location of the Pino Pets's stand

About Pino

Pino is a Belgian brand dedicated to creating cat and dog bowls with a strong focus on health and sustainability. At Pino, we strongly believe in the well-being of our beloved pets and strive to create bowls that are not only functional but also embrace sustainable values. Our bowls, manufactured in Belgium, are designed with the comfort of whiskers in mind, promoting healthy eating habits, considering long ears, and more. Available in various sizes and colors, Pino offers bowls with a focus on both the health of our pets and sustainability. Our bowls are produced in Belgium by a social custom manufacturing company, supporting local communities. The bowls are made from sand, a natural and environmentally friendly material.

Image of a Pino Pets product. Its a complete set with 2 bowls and a tray in camel brown color

Pino in your store

As Pino expands its boundaries and extends its presence from Europe to the United States and Australia, our brand finds its unique place in various business sectors. From exclusive boutiques and specialized stores to chic grooming salons, Pino's influence spans a broad spectrum of the market. Discover how Pino, with dedication and care, promotes pet health as we collectively strive for a sustainable future for both our four-legged friends and the planet.