• Healthy Dining

    The shape of our bowls are designed to make your pet's mealtimes better and healthier. Discover our different types of bowls and their health advantages.

  • Stressless Mealtime

    Goodbye to sliding bowls, annoying clanging and dirty smells.Our sand made bowls provide optimal comfort and safety while eating.

  • Durable Menu

    Our bowls are made out of sand and build to last. They're handcrafted in a social workspace in Belgium for a premium quality. Let's nourish a greener future with every bite.

Slow feeder bowls

Prevent obesity and improve digestion.

4 colors/3 formats

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Classic feeder bowls

Optimize Your Pet's Health with Precise Food and Water Portion Control!

8 colors/3 formats

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Long ears dog bowls

Prevent ear infections and skin conditions.

4 colors

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Whisker friendly cat bowls

Avoid whisker sensitivity, make mealtime comfortable.

8 colors

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Interactive cat bowl

A mental challenge for lazy cats.

4 colors

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95% of pet bowls aren't designed for your pets' needs.

We go beyond.

  • Meaningless mass production

    Price above quality

    One bowl fits all 


    Sustainable approach

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