Our Story

We're on a mission to help pets eat healthier, by serving their food in the right bowl.

Healthy Dining

Our bowls aren't just bowls, they're designed to improve your pet's eating habits. Explore our innovativebowls, with different functions to help your dog and cat eat healthier. From preventing speedy eating with our slow-feeder designs to ensuring comfort with whisker-friendly shapes. It's our mission to make every meal a step towards better health.

Stressless Mealtime

Say goodbye to sliding bowls, scary clanging noises, and lingering odors. Hello to heavy bowls that stay put, silent to keep mealtime peaceful and avoid dirty smells.Our sand-bowls are strong to stand up against enthusiastic pets and avoid ingestion of dangerous broken pieces. We ensure a safe and comfortable dining experience.

Durable Menu

We care about you, your pet and the(ir) planet. Let's turn the tide with our sustainable sand-made-bowls which stand for premium quality and last for a pets lifetime.All bowls are handmade in Belgium in a social workspace, supporting craftsmanship and contributing to a local and social good. We want you to feel good about the choices you make for your pet.

How it started

Pino was founded from a personal search for functional products tailored to what our four-legged friends need.

Our goal is to create products that improve the health and comfort of our pets, while respecting the planet.

Our four-legged friends improve our lives, so let's improve theirs too.

Madice Behaegel
Founder & CEO

Help us on our mission

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