Bowls helping pets eat healthier

Handmade in Belgium 🇧🇪

Improve your pets health

All our bowls have a specific function to improve the comfort and health of your pet.
Mix & match our bowls and offer your pet a customized solution.

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Did you know that our bowls are made out of sand? 🌱

The benefits: strong, very heavy and durable

How it started

Pino was founded from a personal search for functional products tailored to what our four-legged friends need.

Our goal is to create products that improve the health and comfort of our pets, while respecting the planet.

Our four-legged friends improve our lives, so let's improve theirs too.

Madice Behaegel
Founder & CEO

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Pet's improve our life, so let's improve theirs too.

Designed & Handmade in Belgium 🇹🇩