Our Journey

Pino began for me as a frustration against the pet products industry. I found few qualitative and well-functioning products tailored to what our pets really need.
Our mission is to create products that put our pets' well-being and comfort first, while respecting the(i)r planet. Pino want to give our furry friends a healthy and beautiful future!

A brand for the caring pet lover.

Pet's improve our life, so let's improve theirs too.

Designed & Handmade in Belgium 🇹🇩

  • Handmade in Belgium

    We believe that small batch production results in quality products. Therefore we handmake each bowl to offer a premium quality for your pet. All phases of the production process take place in our Belgium atelier near Kortrijk. You will often find small differences or varying marble patterns, which makes each bowl unique.

  • Sustainable Approach

    As we are living on the only planet with cute animals, we should protect it! From local production, to the use of natural materials, to a 100% plastic-free packaging and a durable long lifetime of our products. All our products are handcrafted in small batches to avoid waste and are recyclable.

  • Improved Pet Life

    We want to make functional bowls that help pets to eat healthy and comfortably. For example, we've created bowls for fast eaters and whisker-sensitive cats. In addition, we take into account factors such as heavy weight, strength and non-slip so that your four-legged friend can enjoy his or her meal as comfortably as possible.

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